About Wolf-Eyes®

We, Wolf-Eyes®, have been a professional manufacturer of high-end tactical flashlights, headlamps and associated accessories for over 21 years. When established in 2000, we were the first manufacturer ever in the world that applied the new technique of li-ion rechargeable battery to handheld tactical flashlights. Ever since then, Wolf-Eyes® has never stopped adopting cutting-edge technologies: from Xenon, HID, to the latest LED light sources, and from prefocused reflectors to our current aspherical lens focusing system. Our mission is and will always be to provide our customers with innovative and high-quality products.


Through the years Wolf-Eyes® has gained trust from customers all over the world by offering top-quality products and services, especially from professional users like hunters, law enforcements, Special Forces, military etc. There are numerous governmental departments throughout the world that have been using Wolf-Eyes® products.


Moreover, we are completely capable of customizing products, which are based on our strong ability of independent research and development. A large number of innovative and reliable Wolf-Eyes® products have already been designed and produced according to our customers’ specific requirements. We will always be willing to help our customers fulfill their different lighting needs.


So this is Wolf-Eyes®, the eyes guard your safety, the eyes break the darkness.


Tel: +86 755 2960 1082

Email: info@wolf-eyes.com

 Address:5F, Building D, Dunfa Industrial Park, Hangcheng Avenue, Gushu Village, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen 518126, China

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