Digital Police Ultra

Upgraded version of Digital Police with Ultra-Power

Key Features

  • Major upgrade! Now with the more powerful 20W Luminus SFT-40-W LED of 1620 lumens!
  • Prefocused with reflector.
  • Digital control of light output: enables users to choose the best combination of brightness and runtime according to different lighting needs.
  • Compact and reliable, especially suitable for hand held tactical lighting purposes.
  • Excellent waterproofing: up to IPX-8.
  • 6HA-Remote Tapeswitch Tailcap optional: with removable tapeswitch, making the flashlight suitable for both tactical and hunting purpose.
  • Red traffic wand optional.

    * Note: Digital Police Ultra will only reach its designed output when using Wolf-Eyes® HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery.


LEDLuminus SFT-40-W
MaterialAircraft Aluminum with HA-III Military Grade Hard Anodization

1 x HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery

Head Diameter42mm
Body Diameter25mm
Length157mm (with 6A-Tailcap) / 164mm (with 6HA-Tailcap)
Weight without battery195g (with 6A-Tailcap) / 225g (with 6HA-Tailcap)
Operation Temperature-20 ~ 60°C


* Battery in test is 1 x HDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery 3400mAh.

Optional Parts

Procap-Tailcap / 6HA-Tailcap / 6A-Tailcap
BatteryHDB-168 Li-ion Power Battery
ChargerCH-01 AC Charger / DH-01 Car Charger
MountMM-80 / PM-30 / PM-50 / M1H / M2
HolsterStandard Holster
OthersRed Traffic Wand

Digital Police Ultra
Upgraded version of Digital Police with Ultra-Power
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