DH-01 Car Charger

DC Car Charger for Li-ion Battery

Key Features

  • Universal DC charger: applicable for most DC power supplies (DC 8.5~16V).
  • With cigarette lighter plug: can be used in vehicles.
  • Constant charging current: enables batteries to be recharged rapidly but still safely.
  • Smart pulse charging function: after the charging process is finished, the battery will be on pulse charging to keep the saturation.
  • Convenient charging indicator: the small indicator light will automatically turn from red to green when battery is fully recharged; the light will turn green and red alternately when battery is on pulse charging.

  • Safe to use with multiple charger protection: short-circuit protection, reverse battery protection and backflow protection.
  • Made with fire retardant ABS plastic: rugged and reliable, providing an extreme long life time.
  • CE certificated.

    * Note: DH-01 Car Charger is designed for high-quality li-ion batteries with protection board. Recharging unprotected battery cells on DH-01 Charger is forbidden.


InputDC 8.5 ~ 16V

DC 4.6V/800mA

Charging Timeca. 3 hours
Charger Protection

Short-circuit Protection / Reverse Battery Protection / Backflow Protection

Operation Temperature-20 ~ 60°C
Suitable for

Wolf-Eyes® HDB-168 / LRB-168A / LRB-169B Battery

DH-01 Car Charger
DC Car Charger for Li-ion Battery
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